Welcome to Learn Bluepic - the learning forum for Bluepic-Software-Suite.

How to use the Learn Bluepic page:

The Learn Bluepic page is the central collection of documentation, tips & tricks and all kinds of tutorials about our software. Most of the content you will find here is related to Bluepic Studio.


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For software developers: The documentation on embedding a template also contains detailed information on using the Bluepic API.


Follow along as we show you how to create real-world examples of templates

pageTemplate: Event Announcement

Don't want to build your own templates?

If you have decided that you want someone else to create the templates for you, you can contact us and we will put you in touch with a professional templating agency -> support@bluepic.io

If you're interested in embedding a ready-to-use graphics generator to your website and would like a custom template created for you, you can purchase our embedded full-service package directly from www.bluepic.io/embedded. (coming soon)

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