Create multiple formats

This article is outdated. While the concepts described probably still apply, much of the interface has changed. The article is currently being updated.

A template can have several different aspect ratios - at least in the Bluepic Social app. To create a multi-format template, you need to design the template for each aspect ratio individually and then upload it to the template browser with an identical name.

Let's start by duplicating our existing project and redesigning it for a different format.

As mentioned earlier, the common identifier used to group templates with multiple formats is the template name. Templates with the same name will always appear in the Bluepic Social app as one template with multiple versions. So make sure you give different names to different templates and the same name to all versions of the same template.

When you are done redesigning for a different aspect ratio, you need to export the template again and then upload the compiled project file to the template browser.

In the template browser, different versions of a multi-format template are displayed separately (so you can delete or change a version).

Let's see what this looks like in the Bluepic Social app:

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