The content of a text element will never overflow outside the element's specified bounding box. Instead, the font size is automatically reduced to fit the content.

Non-trivial properties

Most of the properties of text elements are self-explanatory if you have ever worked with graphic design software. In the following we will look at the properties that are unique to Bluepic Studio:

Rich text:

The content of the text element is provided by the Content property. However, the Content property uses one of two sources: Plain Text or Rich Text. You can set the Content source to Rich Text if you want to have different styles in a single text element.

Text input fields connected to the Rich Text Content allow you to create and define your own style rules. Currently the parameters that can be defined are font weight, font style, letter spacing and the color. More about this under "Types of input modules".

Auto Line Breaks:

Depending on whether the Auto Line Break feature is enabled or not, either line breaks are made in the text or the font size is automatically reduced to fit the content within the element's bounding box.

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