Manage the settings

The first step when designing a new template is always to manage the settings. You can find the project settings on the right side of the toolbar.

In the project settings, you can manage the template canvas size (width and height), as well as the template name, category, tags, and intended platform (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn...).

The name of your template will be displayed later in the Bluepic Social app. Additionally, there is always a primary category that is used to group templates in the Bluepic Social app. For example, you could choose categories like "Event Announcements", "Statements" or "People".

You can set the size of your template in pixel values. The default values are 1080 by 1080 pixels. As most social media platforms crop images to a certain size, you should not make your template unnecessarily large.

For example, to design a template in story format you should set the size to 1080 by 1920 pixels.

You can create a template in more than one format. For example, you can offer an "Event Announcement" template in both 4:5 and 9:16. In the Bluepic Social app, users then get a corresponding selection for this template. To learn how to do this, see "Create multiple formats".

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