Publish your project

How to give other users access to your template

There are currently two main ways you can use the template you've created: Either in Bluepic Social or as an embedded graphic generator on your website.

With both options, you must publish the project that contains the template.

In the publishing settings you have control over two key parameters:

  1. Which Space should have access?

  2. Which version should be published?

Let's take a closer look!

Each new project starts with only a draft. Even if you assign a Space to this project, users cannot see the template in Bluepic Social. However, all admins of this space can see the project in Bluepic Studio. From this point on, your project is shared.

If you don't have a Space listed, then you are not currently an Admin in any Space.

To make a template accessible in Bluepic Social, the project must also have an active version.

Done! Now the template will be available in Bluepic Social to all users of the attached Space.

You can continue working on the project. Do not hesitate to save any new changes you have made, as this will not overwrite the active version. Only if you want to overwrite the active version with the current draft, you can do so in the Publishing Settings.

This is very useful if you or someone else notices an error in your design. Just correct the error and overwrite the active version with one click.

To embed a template, you don't need to attach a space, but you must create an active version.

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